About us

The mission of Qubus is to provide our clients with a questionnaire platform for effortless execution of complex questionnaire projects. Qubus is a flexible questionnaire platform with a variety of usage possibilities ranging from self-assessments to benchmarking.

Our experienced Qubus team is dedicated to deliver value and help you to design and implement the best solution for your company and provides support along the way.

History of the platform

The Qubus platform has been supporting the business for over 30 years. Starting as the "Questionnaire and Reporting Tool" in 1983, Qubus has been extensively used, but also extensively expanded and upgraded. In 1994 the "Questionnaire Builder Software" was released and the name "Qubus" was official.

When the web became more and more important, Qubus moved along and introduced the first web-based Qubus in 1998, being one of the first web-based survey tools. (That's even before SurveyMonkey existed!) Developing several new features in the years after that, such as workflow support and a full audit trail.

Qubus 7 is the latest installment of the Qubus platform. Boasting a full suite of features it can handle projects of virtually any size.

Meet the team

Meet the team