Our features make life a little bit easier
All the things that make using Qubus intuitive and user-friendly. Let Qubus simplify your complex projects for you.

All-in-one platform

Qubus is a platform for flexible and userfriendly questionnaire development for discovering powerful insights. Everything you need to support your project.

  • Easily accessible through web based environment
  • Centralized data storage
  • Supports multiple organizations and projects in one environment
  • Content Manager
  • Questionnaire builder

User-friendly set-up and answering

Several tools to make your complex questions easy to understand. Since users can access it anywhere on any device, using Qubus is a breeze.

  • Easily accessible through web based environment, anywhere, anytime
  • Support questions with help text, complete documents or instructional video's
  • Comprehensive search and filtering capabilities
  • Questions grouping for extra structure in your (comprehensive) questionnaire

Represent your business process

Your business has its own unique and complex business processes. The Qubus platform can easily support any business process with its workflow features. Examples include: opening part of the questionnaire when your process allows it; or sending mail when action is required by a user.

  • Configurable Workflow
  • Custom roles, reflecting the roles in your organization
  • Review cycle capabilities (with comments)
  • Automatic users assignment to answer sets (surveys)
  • Automatic mail sending

Enrich your questionnaires with multiple media options

Engage your users with multiple media options and make it easier for them to use the tool, improving their efficiency and the overall data quality.

  • Dynamic questions (show or hide questions based on rules)
  • Upload of documents per question
  • Library of uploaded documents
  • Customizable questions view (flash videos, help texts, UI adjustments)


Qubus can supports a vast range of projects due to the flexible options in Qubus; And when there are changes in your project, Qubus easily changes with it.

  • Fully configurable and flexible questionnaire
  • Setup any workflow with custom roles
  • Copious amount of question types supported
  • Easily adapt or extend the questionnaire during your project

Custom Branding

Your company is unique and Qubus adapts by including your logo, house style and language(s).

  • User interface branding
  • Supports multiple languages

The right people in the right place

Security is important. That is why the Qubus platform was designed to provide access only to those who need it. With several featuers to make it easy to grant access, while keeping the system secure.

  • Active Directory authorization and authentication
  • Password authorization
  • Server and client side certificates
  • Custom roles
  • Role based access to each questionnarie
  • Logging of all user actions

Quick Insights

The Qubus platform can provide quick insight in your data. From real-time status overviews to finalized graphical reports, Qubus can provide them with the click of a button.

  • Generate real-time reports
  • Understand the results and present them in any way you want
  • Graphical dashboard reporting
  • Benchmark reporting
  • Export to Word, Excel and PDF
  • Can be customized to your brand

Product comparison

Qubus comes in three major forms:



  • Full integration in your companies IT system
  • All data inside your company
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited questionnaires

Implementation Services

  • Created by our team
  • Workshops with your team
  • Feedback cycles to tailor your tool
  • 1st line or 2nd line support

Integrated Enterprise


  • Full integration in your companies IT system
  • All data inside your company
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited questionnaires

Training Services

  • Created by your team(s)
  • Train your employees by us
  • Complete freedom
  • 2nd line support